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Combo Fighter (T.O.S.)
A Card-Driven Rendition of the Classic Arcade fighting Game
Combo Fighter is a card-driven rendition of the classic arcade fighting game. You take the role of a colorful and fantastic martial artist (represented by a 50-card deck) and go up against a fierce opponent. Alternatively, you can partner up with a friend and take on two opponents in Team Battle mod...... More
Released 30 July 2019
Storm vs Manava: Combo Fighter VS Pack 1 (T.O.S.)
Combo Fighter Expansion
In Combo Fighter you will play as one of these fighters competing to become the ultimate champion. You will have your own unique 50-card deck and set of combos to bring against your opponents. Each hit removes cards from your hand and deck and the first to run out of cards is defeated! The Combo Fi...... More
Released 30 July 2019
Terrors of London
Head to Head Victorian Horror Cardgame
In the shadows of London, terrors stir. Powerful overlords conspire against one another, amassing hordes of monsters to do their bidding. Only one will claim the night and all within it as their prize. Terrors of London is a competitive deck-builder with a Victorian horror theme. Each player will a...... More
Released 07 July 2020
Western Legends
Open World Sandbox Western Tabletop Boardgame
Old west brought back to life. Wanted dead or alive! From the creative mind of Hervé Lemaître, players will enjoy a highly narrative and interactive experience, choosing a life of crime as a Wanted character or justice as a Marshal. Western Legends features historical characters from the Ameri...... More
Released 15 March 2019

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