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Battlegroup: Overlord Beyond the Beaches (T.O.S.)
Supplement for The Battles of Normandy 1944
A 136 page softback reprint of the "Beyond the Beaches" section of the original Overlord campaign supplement. Scenarios and Army lists for: British Armour and Infantry Divisions, American Armour and Infantry Divisions, German Panzer, Infantry and Fallschirmjaeger divisions. All vehicle data for N...... More
Released 13 September 2017
Battlegroup: Rule Book
New Hardback Edition of the Battlegroup WW2 Tabletop Rules System
New hardback edition of the Battlegroup WW2 rules system Not so much a second edition as a reprinting of the main rules now that Kursk and the mini rulebook have sold out, but with an extra campaign, some datacards and a pulling together of all the special rules and generic scenarios from all our...... More
Released 25 January 2017
Battlegroup Overlord: D-Day
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of D Day Battlegroup Overlord: D Day back in print!
A softback reprint of the "D Day" section of the original Overlord campaign supplement Scenarios and Army lists for: British airborne and amphibious assault battlegroups, US airborne and amphibious assault battlegroups, German atlantic wall resistance nest and Ersatz panzer. A 136 page soft...... More
Released 10 July 2019
Lincoln: A Martin Wallace Game
American Civil War Card Driven Strategy Wargame
Lincoln, by the renowned game designer Martin Wallace, is a 2 player fast-paced, card driven strategy game set in the American Civil War. Refight the entire American Civil War in under 2 hours! Game play uses point-to-point movement and area control, hidden army strengths, and decks of cards provid...... More
Released 13 November 2018
Paolo Moriís Blitzkrieg (T.O.S.)
World War Two in 20 Minutes
Recreate World War Two in 20 minutes! The perfect wargame for non-wargamers, Blitzkrieg! allows two players to battle across the Warís most iconic theatres, winning key campaigns and building military might. Players draw army tokens from a bag to determine their starting forces and to replenish the...... More
Released 11 November 2019
Battle of Britain
Remastered and Upgraded Version of The TSR Classic
Battle of Britain by Richard Borg, a remastering and upgrading of the classic, much loved old TSR classic. This upgraded version takes all the brilliant mechanics and features of the original game and adds new features to give an even more exciting and satisfying gaming experience, including new str...... More
Released 15 June 2018
French Tanks: The Great War
Commands and Colours The Great War Expansion
The Great War French tank booster pack - contains 2 x assembled and basic painted 1/100th scale (15mm) tank models. One each St Chamond and Schneider ...... More
Released 23 October 2018
The Great War Centenary Edition
Commands and Colours The Great War Centenery Edition
New edition of Richard Borg's popular Commands and Colours The Great War boardgame. Now with greatly improved plastic miniatures preassembled, semi hard plastic and off the sprue; a revised rulebook and larger cards The Great War, the latest adaptation of Richard Borg's Command & Colours syste...... More
Released 23 October 2018
The Great War: French Army Expansion
Commands and Colours The Great War Expansion
A new expansion for The Great War game introducing the French Army, The Battle of Verdun, and brand new units for the French, British, and Germans. The Great War allows players to portray important engagements throughout WWI history.The Great War: French Army is the second major expansion for The G...... More
Released 23 October 2018

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