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Cat Cafe
Cat Themed Roll and Write Game
A new cat themed and light roll and write from the original cat board game publisher! In Cat Café, players will try to entice the most cats to their corner using cat toys! The player who entices the most cats to play, wins! Each turn a player will roll a number of dice, of which each player will c...... More
Released 03 September 2019
NOM: Simons Cat Card Game
Race to play your Food cards and don't get caught by Simon’s Cat!
NOM is a fast-paced, family card game. Just like Simon’s Cat you’re always hungry. Race to be the first player to eat all your Food, but watch out for Kitten, Mouse and Dog who’ll mess with your plans! Take turns to play a numbered Food card, playing a higher or lower number depending on whether S...... More
Released 23 November 2021
Paper Dungeons: A Dungeon Scrawler Game (T.O.S.)
Explore dungeons, fight villains and conquer the glory in a hack n slash adventure.
Prepare your adventurers for a challenging dungeon exploration in Paper Dungeons, a roll-and-write game that seeks to reproduce the feel of a dungeon-crawler. In the game, you control a classic group of medieval adventurers: warrior, wizard, cleric, and rogue. In each of the nine rounds, you select...... More
Released 28 September 2021
Pier 18 (T.O.S.)
Can you create the greatest Victorian seaside Pier with only 18 cards?
In Pier 18, you take on the role of a Victorian pier builder as you compete to create the country’s greatest seaside pier. Using only 18 cards, you’ll draft and position sections of pier, building your unique structure outwards to sea in an effort to score the most victory points. During a player's...... More
Released 23 November 2021
Tinners Trail: Deluxe Add Ons
Tinners Trail Mini Expansions
Arsenic Expansion The arsenic expansion adds the extra resource of arsenic. Due to the danger of arsenic, it is mined at the cost of PERMANENTLY losing work points but with the reward of a big cash payout. Emigration Expansion In The Emigration expansion, you can send your workers overseas to gai...... More
Released 16 November 2021
Tinners Trail
Will you make a fortune mining tin and copper in 19th Century Cornwall?
In Tinners' Trail, set in 19th century Cornwall, you represent a mining conglomerate at the height of the tin and copper mining industry. You must buy plots of land across Cornwall in auctions and survey them for tin and copper, always managing your "work points" and money effectively. Once you hav...... More
Released 28 September 2021

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