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Lords of Hellas- Terrain (T.O.S.)
Lords of Hellas Terrain Expansion
This terrain expansion set will enhance your core game experience! Terrain expansion set has all the cities and temples you need in core game. All of the city pieces are fully compatible with Hoplite miniatures, so you can recognize fortified cities of your opponents at a glance! Contains: 12 X ...... More
Released 29 March 2018
Nemesis (T.O.S.)
Survival Sci-Fi Horror Semi Co-op Boardgame
1-5 players semi-cooperative Sci-Fi horror where you and your friends try to survive while attempting to fulfill your secret objectives that may sometimes collide. It enables full co-op as well as solo play experience. Malicious aliens have boarded your spaceship, and it's up to you and your frie...... More
Released 21 October 2019

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