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Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood :Savage Worlds
Second Edition of Medieval England Setting Book for Savage Worlds
Welcome to Sherwood Forest, a place of mystery and excitement. Band together to oppose the forces of the Sheriff and Prince John in England during the Third Crusade. Create your characters to do whats best for England and King Richard by protecting his interests at home. This setting book allows ...... More
Released 10 September 2019
Distant Vistas Vol 1: Eldritch Skies
Savage Worlds RPG: Eldritch Skies: Cthulhu Science Fiction Setting Supplement
Picking up where the Eldritch Skies Rulebook left off, Distant Vistas expands the universe with new options and new additions. Covering such topics as mining, to exploring strange new systems, between these covers are mysteries that reach to the very core of humankindís voyages to the stars. El...... More
Released 06 September 2016
Double Spiral War: Traveller RPG
Traveller RPG Double Spiral War Setting Campaign Guide
This book is a science fiction campaign guide for the Double Spiral War setting using the Traveller Role Playing Game published by Mongoose Publishing. This book is based on the Double Spiral War Trilogy by Warren C. Norwood. The work will contain information about the aliens, starships, planets an...... More
Released 05 April 2016

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