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Stalins Onslaught
Supplement for Flames of War 15mm WWII Rules
Welcome back to the Ostfront! With Stalin’s Onslaught, we return to the bitter fighting on the Eastern Front and follow the course of the largest operation during World War II—Operation Bagration. During the weeks leading up to the operation, the Red Army has amassed a massive army. However, the Ger...... More
Released 12 December 2009
Hammer and Sickle (72 pages)
Supplement for Flames of War 15mm WWII Rules
Hammer and Sickle follows Stalins Onslaught and focuses on the Soviet units carrying out the second phase of Operation Bagration, the exploitation of the Shock Armies breakthrough of the German defences. These highly mobile corps launched through gaps created in the Germans lines and immediately rus...... More
Released 12 December 2009
River of Heroes
Supplement for Flames of War 15mm WWII Rules
River Of Heroes follows Hammer and Sickle and focuses on the Soviet units carrying out the final phase of Operation Bagration, the final assaults across the Vistula River led by the tank spearheads racing towards Warsaw along with the specialised assault engineers and supporting self-propelled artil...... More
Released 12 December 2009
Flames Of War Rulebook: 4th Edition (T.O.S.)
Core Rules for the Flames Of War World War II Miniatures Game
The 4th Edition of Flames Of War is bigger (and smaller) than ever, with a new rulebook that is slimmer than previous editions but retains all the tactical challenges that you have come to expect from Flames Of War. This new rulebook has slimmed down by reducing the amount of unnecessary flavour ...... More
Released 16 March 2017
Nam (T.O.S.)
The Vietnam War Miniatures Game
Vietnam. In a small corner of the world, one of the most bloody wars to be fought occurred in this small county in Southeast Asia. Traditionally framed as a war of small skirmishes, long patrols, and guerilla ambushes, there is a lot more that happened, including full-scale offensives and pitched ba...... More
Released 21 February 2018
Dune: Board Game Special Edition (T.O.S.)
Special Edition with Exclusive Models Boardgame of Diplomacy Betrayal and Conquest.
Let the spice flow! The beloved strategy game set in the incredible world of Frank Herbert's DUNE returns in an updated edition. Who will gain control of the planet that is home to the only source of the most valuable substance in the known universe? This special edition includes three exclusive m...... More
Released 01 December 2020
DnD Eberron Map Set (T.O.S.)
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Accessory
Discover the world of Eberron with this set of three Maps designed to immerse your party into the nations of Khorvaire. Featuring three overscale maps, perfectly designed for your tabletop, these maps allow your adventurers to see all the realm of Eberron in all its glory....... More
Released 10 February 2020
Out of the Abyss Map Set: DnD
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Map Accessory
The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and twisted labyrinth where fear reigns. It is the home of horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day. Out of the Abyss™ Underdark Map Set has a high-quality vinyl surface, ideal for tracking the progress of your adventures during the ...... More
Released 26 October 2021

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