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Cooper Island
Develop your Peninsula and Sail as far as you can around the Island.
You’ve come to make your fortune on Cooper Island, whose untouched peninsulas stretch out like long arms into the wild Atlantic. With two ships and a few workers, each of you has landed on a separate peninsula, which you hope to explore, cultivate, and settle. But who will do this best? And how? Wil...... More
Released 18 August 2020
Crystal Palace
1851: The 1st World Exhibition takes place in London - and you are there!
In Crystal Palace, each player represents a nation during the first World's Fair of 1851 in London. To make sure that your country attracts everyone's attention, you are going to showcase spectacular inventions and recruit the brightest, most influential minds of your time! Crystal Palace is a dice...... More
Released 23 December 2019
Curious Cargo
Build your Facilities with interweaving Networks of tiles to Ship Cargo. 2 Player.
I stumbled upon a midnight market. It wasn't selling flowers or farm goods. It was a more curious sort of cargo: energy capacitors, strange crystalline material, and something green and jiggly. Since then, I've been dragged into it, deep into the thick of it. I paid a stranger more than I should ha...... More
Released 24 November 2020
Two Player Historical Strategy Boardgame
In June 1972, five men are arrested in Washington’s Watergate building. What looks like a third-rate burglary attempt on the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee induces journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post to start a thorough investigation. Over the follow...... More
Released 28 August 2019

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