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Clash of Arms
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1866: Grand Tactical Rules For The Austro-Prussian War (T.O.S.)
Minatures Rules covering Warfare in the late 19th Century primarily for Small Scale Figures
1866 - 1866 is development of the popular 1870 and 1859/64 rules tailored specifically for the Austro-Prussian War, including the Bohemian, German and Italian theaters. The basic Grand Tactical Rules were modified to accurately reflect each side’s strengths and weaknesses – Prussia’s formidable f...... More
Released 27 February 2018
Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 Deluxe
Deluxe Edition of Classic Russian Civil War Board Wargame
Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 DELUXE! is a two-player card driven strategic board game wherein the players assume the roles of the RED (Communist Forces) and the WHITE (reactionary forces). This epic conflict resulted in the toppling of three centuries of Romanov rule and its ...... More
Released 09 April 2019

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