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Zombicide: Chronicles RPG: Core Book
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG Core Rulebook
Dive Into the World of Zombicide Like Never Before Thereís a zombie plague overrunning the world. The recently-dead are roaming around, hunting the living, ready to tear them apart on sight. Some survivors chose to hide away in bunkers or caves, but thatís not you. Youíre going to attack these zomb...... More
Released 30 November 2021
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG: GameMaster Starter Kit (T.O.S.)
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG Accessory
The GameMaster Starter Kit gives GMs in Zombicide: Chronicles some new tools to help them run their games. First, thereís a GM screen that will help keep their notes safe from prying gamer eyes. There are also 13 Survivor ID sheets that they can either use themselves or hand out to players for their...... More
Released 30 November 2021
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG: Mission Compendium (T.O.S.)
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG Adventures
While making their own missions for Zombicide: Chronicles allows GMs to explore the post- apocalyptic world in their own way, having pre-made missions can really make life easier. They can be used as-is, or tailored to any playerís campaign, used as one-shot adventures during a vacation or conventio...... More
Released 30 November 2021
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG: Field Guide (T.O.S.)
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG Sourcebook
The Field Guide for Zombicide: Chronicles gives players a whole host of new gear for their games. From mundane to military-grade, this 60-page book has stats for a little bit of everything. ...... More
Released 30 November 2021

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