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ENIGMA: Beyond Code (T.O.S.)
Break the Enigma Code before Chaos consumes the World.
World War II is ongoing. Germany broadly uses Enigma rotor cipher machines. The breaking of the Enigma code gives the Allies an advantage in the war — but this is just one side of the coin because the Enigma code is based on chaos, a non-measurable force lurking beyond the boundaries of our world an...... More
Released 24 November 2020
Decorate a Magical Mandala to gain favour of The Indian God Ganesha in this fast-playing Abstract Boardgame
Ganesha is an Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. He has a kind and noble heart and large ears so that he can hear peoples’ pleas. His patronage can remove obstacles from your path and bring good luck. Once upon a time you were travelling in India and decided to visit the temple of Ganesha. In th...... More
Released 27 October 2020

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