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1879 Minis Corebook (T.O.S.)
Steampunk Era Combat rules
The Suns Never Set on the British Empire! On the far side of an interdimensional portal from Earth, Victorian-era British troops with steampunk vehicles face off against Babylonian descendants with weird-science technological zombies! In the war of coal and steam against rail guns and undead, who ...... More
Released 10 November 2015
1879: London, or The Haunted City (T.O.S.)
1879 RPG Sourcebook
London’s calling – collect! This volume describes the London of 1879‘s alternate history in massive detail. From the gambling dens and brothels of the East End, to the manufactories along the Thames, to the elegant shops of the high street and the fashionable residences of the West End, the great...... More
Released 09 July 2019

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