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Warring Colonies: Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter Expansion
We were suspicious when they arrived across town and set up camp, but we tried to live in peace. No more. They've taken too much from us. Too much that we can't get back. It's time for revenge. It's time for war. Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies! This expansion, designed by Colby Dauch and Timoth...... More
Released 10 October 2017
Dead of Winter
Semi Cooperative Survival Strategy Boardgame
Crossroads is a new series from Plaid Hat Games that tests a group of survivors' ability to work together and stay alive while facing crises and challenges from both outside and inside. Dead of Winter is the first game in this series, designed by Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour. It puts 2-5 players to...... More
Released 01 March 2016
Dead of Winter: The Long Night (T.O.S.)
Stand Alone Expansion for Dead of Winter
"Dead of Winter: The Long Night is the new stand-alone expansion for Dead of Winter: A Crossroads game. Obtain more of everything that made Dead of Winter an epic struggle for power and survival! Experience a new colony full of new survivors and new gameplay elements, each of which is introdu...... More
Released 23 August 2016
Elder Sign
Lovecraftian Cooperative Dice Game
Elder Sign lets players control investigators who must successfully endure adventures within the museum in order to gather clues, items, and the eldritch knowledge they need to seal the rifts between dimensions and prevent the Ancient One’s arrival. A clever and thematic dice mechanic pits their exp...... More
Released 17 June 2015
Unseen Forces: Elder Sign
Expansion for Elder Sign Cooperative Lovecraft Based Dice Game
Unseen Forces are at work in the first expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game for one to eight players set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft’s weird fiction. Mysterious powers subtly grant blessings and level curses at your investigators. Master Mythos cards present horrifying new challeng...... More
Released 25 June 2013
Gates of Arkham: Elder Sign
Expansion for Elder Sign Cooperative Lovecraft Based Dice Game
The struggle against the Ancient Ones spreads out of the museum and into the haunted city of Arkham in the Gates of Arkham expansion for Elder Sign. Adventures take place in over twenty locations including Velma’s Diner and the Curiositie Shoppe, Arkham Asylum and the Uninvited Isle. Meanwhile, gate...... More
Released 27 January 2015
Omens of the Deep: Elder Sign
Expansion for Elder Sign Cooperative Lovecraft Based Dice Game
The murky depths of the Pacific ocean conceal untold horrors in Omens of the Deep, a new expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game steeped in the lore of H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying mythos. Based on the popular The Call of Cthulhu expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens app, players can now ve...... More
Released 23 February 2017
Omens of the Pharaoh: Elder Sign
Expansion for Elder Sign Cooperative Lovecraft Based Dice Game
Elder Sign: Omens of the Pharaoh is an expansion for Elder Sign, a dice game for one to eight players filled with Lovecraftian horrors. Based on the Dark Pharaoh expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens app, a team of investigators must join an expedition into Egypt to stop the rise of the Dark Pharaoh N...... More
Released 22 February 2018
Eldritch Horror: Strange Remnants (T.O.S.)
Eldritch Horror Boardgame Expansion
In Strange Remnants, you and your fellow investigators travel to the haunted ruins of massive stone monuments across the world. You must learn the secrets of these ruins and perform the requisite rituals before the cosmos aligns against you, an evil portal opens in the center of the universe, and th...... More
Released 06 August 2015
Eldritch Horror: Forsaken Lore
Eldritch Horror Boardgame Expansion
Forsaken Lore, an expansion for Eldritch Horror, thrusts investigators headlong into perilous and strange new encounters, while Ancient Ones defeated in the past attempt to reclaim the world. In order to stop them, investigators will need to uncover new mysteries, and dig even deeper into the lore s...... More
Released 13 May 2014
Eldritch Horror
Cooperative Horror Boardgame Based on the Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft.
Across the globe, ancient evil is stirring. Now, you and your trusted circle of colleagues must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, brutal encounters, and obscure mysteries will take you to your limit and beyond. All the while, you an...... More
Released 28 November 2013
Masks of Nyarlathotep: Eldritch Horror
Eldritch Horror Boardgame Expansion
Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep is an expansion for Eldritch Horror, a cooperative boardgame for one to eight players where intrepid investigators must traverse the globe in an attempt to thwart the cataclysmic rise of an otherworldly Ancient One. Strange cults are gathering strength in remot...... More
Released 22 February 2018
The Dreamlands: Eldritch Horror Expansion
Eldritch Horror Boardgame Expansion
“Send back earth's gods to their haunts on unknown Kadath, and pray to all space that you may never meet me in my thousand other forms. Farewell, Randolph Carter, and beware; for I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.” H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. It has been months since yo...... More
Released 19 January 2017
Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness
Eldritch Horror Board Game Second Expansion
Explore the farthest reaches of Antarctica in Mountains of Madness, the second expansion for Eldritch Horror. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s novella about an Antarctic expedition ravaged by inhuman, prehistoric creatures, this expansion allows you to trace the doomed expedition’s path and enter the im...... More
Released 18 December 2014
Signs of Carcosa
Expansion for Eldritch Horror
Signs of Carcosa is an expansion for Eldritch Horror, and within, you’ll find enough madness to influence all of your games. Hastur enters the game as a new Ancient One, spreading insanity and dissension. Against this foul abomination from Aldebaran, four new investigators join the fight to save ...... More
Released 16 May 2016
Cities in Ruin: Eldritch Horror
Eldritch Horror Expansion
You feel it just below the surface. Something gnawing at the edges of society, an ancient being that could so easily erase the steady march of machines and concrete that have come to be recognized as progress in the modern world. Your visions show you a desolate future, where all that remains is dus...... More
Released 11 July 2017
Fallout Shelter: The Board Game
Post-Nuclear Survival Board Game
Build a better future undergrounde in Fallout® Shelter™: The Board Game , a post-nuclear worker-placement board game for two to four players. Based on the hit mobile game from Bethesda Softworks, Fallout Shelter sees you take on the role of a vault officer fostering happiness among the citizens of y...... More
Released 26 May 2020
Fallout (T.O.S.)
Post Nuclear Adventure Boardgame Welcome to the Wasteland!
Fallout is a post-nuclear adventure board game for one to four players. Based on the hit video game series by Bethesda Softworks, each Fallout scenario is inspired by a familiar story from the franchise. Survivors begin the game on the edge of an unexplored landscape, uncertain of what awaits them i...... More
Released 15 May 2018
New California: Fallout
Fallout Boardgame Expansion
Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos. Which is great news! Where there’s chaos, there’s loot! The New Ca...... More
Released 01 November 2018
Legacy of Dragonholt (T.O.S.)
A Narrative Adventure Boardgame in The Runebound Universe
Gather your band of heroes and journey to the edge of the Terrinoth in Legacy of Dragonholt! The first game to use the Oracle system, Legacy of Dragonholt captures the spirit of a roleplaying game without needing a game master. This narrative game for one to six players allows players to build th...... More
Released 23 February 2021

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