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Traveller RPG 5 Edition Core Rules Set (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Core Rules in a Slipcase
The Fifth Edition of the award-winning Traveller science-fiction role-playing game system: the core rules with everything a game master needs to create worlds, starships, and characters for the universe of the far future. Three hardcover books in a slipcase: 1 Characters and Combat, 1 Sta...... More
Released 11 November 2019
Traveller 5 Starships and Spacecraft 1 (T.O.S.)
Traveller RPG Deck Plans
Inspired by Judges Guild’s classic Traveller deck plans: Starships and Spacecraft. This new Deck Plan Pack re-imagines classic Traveller starships and adds new spacecraft and charts to the mix. Five 22 x 34 inch black and white deck plan sheets for Traveller5 starships: Scout/Courier, Express Boat,...... More
Released 04 October 2016

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