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Beyond Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling (T.O.S.)
Standalone Space! Travel! Apocalypse! Wing It Expansion
Wing It: Beyond is the Space/Travel/Apocalypse themed expansion to Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling. It can be played by itself or in combination with the original. In each round of Wing It, the players are all presented with the same challenging situation, but each player has different ...... More
Released 11 June 2019
Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling (T.O.S.)
The Game of Extreme Storytelling
Wing It is a hilarious storytelling and problem-solving game. You and your friends pit your imaginations against each other as you dream up ways to overcome unlikely challenges ( an eerily well-coordinated horde of angry jelly fish begins to rock the boat until it tips precariously from side t...... More
Released 13 November 2018

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