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Samurai Spirit (T.O.S.)
Co-Operative Samurai Strategy Boardgame
You and your small Samurai crew are the only obstacles between a frightened village and a horde of bloodthirsty brigands! The confrontation seems very uneven while you are standing in front of dozens of enemies ready to cut you to pieces, but that is without counting on your combat skills and the...... More
Released 23 February 2016
Tokaido 5th Anniversary Edition (T.O.S.)
Anniversary Edition of Tokaido
Discover the new edition of Tokaido celebrating the 5th anniversary of the game! It will replace the current edition to become the NEW regular edition of Tokaido. The 5th anniversary edition includes a new box artwork, new cards design, new player boards, a redesigned game board, new meeples, ...... More
Released 21 May 2019

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