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Galactic Raptor
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Lost Kingdoms Pangea in Pieces
Strategy Area Control Dinosaur Survival Game
200 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the massive supercontinent of Pangea. But the Earth slowly began to break apart. As the lands shifted, these great beasts moved across the globe, seeking new homes to ensure the survival of their species. Lost Kingdoms: Pangea in Pieces is a game of tile la...... More
Released 12 October 2021
Roar and Write (T.O.S.)
A roll and write Game set in the Animal Kingdoms World.
Itís time for the Selection Committee of the Animal Kingdom to choose the new monarch to rule over all. Now itís up to you to appease the five council members on the Selection Committee to win the Regency. The catch...each Committee member is appeased in a different way, so you must choose wisely as...... More
Released 29 March 2022

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