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Tal Dorei (T.O.S.)
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Campaign Setting
Critical Role has taken the roleplaying world by storm. Now, you can join the adventure! Until now, the wondrous and dangerous lands of Tal’Dorei have been the sole stomping grounds of the show’s adventuring company, Vox Machina. But now, you can explore these realms in a tome from the pen of Ga...... More
Released 03 October 2017
Fantasy AGE Campaign Builders Guide
Fantasy AGE RPG Supplement
Build Worlds of High Adventure! Welcome to the Fantasy AGE Campaign Builder’s Guide, a book of advice, examples, and in-depth discussion of various elements of tabletop fantasy roleplaying campaigns aimed specifically at Fantasy AGE. Included within you’ll find: In-depth analysis of campaign s...... More
Released 24 September 2019
Fantasy AGE Game Masters Kit
Fantasy AGE RPG Accessory
The Fantasy AGE Game Master's Kit is a key accessory for your Adventure Game Engine campaign. It features a three-panel hardback screen with all the essential game info you need at the table. It also includes 4 quick reference cards that put the stunts and actions at your fingertips, and a comba...... More
Released 26 April 2016
Modern Age: The World of Lazarus
Modern Age RPG Dystopian Near Future Campaign Setting
The World of Lazarus is the first campaign setting for Green Ronin’s new Modern AGE RPG. Based on the critically acclaimed Lazarus series by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark and presented by Image Comics, the book brings this noir dystopia to tabletop roleplaying games. In the near future, time has ren...... More
Released 12 February 2019
Modern Age Game Masters Kit
Modern Age RPG Supplement
This Game Master’s Kit is the key accessory for your Modern AGE campaign. It features a three-panel hardback screen that puts critical game information in front of you, and hides the adversaries and surprises your game's heroes will face. It also includes 6 quick reference cards that put stunts ...... More
Released 23 October 2018
Modern AGE Companion
Modern AGE Supplement
Martial arts duels. Superpowers. Gadgets. Conspiracies. The Modern AGE Companion adds new rules for these elements and more, giving you the tools to customize the Modern AGE Roleplaying Game to fit countless campaigns. Explore new backgrounds, professions, talents and other options to customize cha...... More
Released 16 July 2019
Modern Age: Rulebook (T.O.S.)
Modern Age RPG Core Rulebook
Enter the Modern AGE! Leap into exciting adventure in any era from the Industrial Revolution to the modern day and beyond. The Modern AGE roleplaying game allows you to shape the setting to suit your style—whether it’s gritty action or high adventure, urban fantasy or a dystopian future. With a new...... More
Released 04 September 2018
Atlas of Earth Prime: A Mutants and Masterminds Sourcebook
Mutants and Masterminds RPG Sourcebook
Visit a world not our own, but strangely familiar—a world of heroes and villains, of wonders and dangers, and limitless adventure! The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a trip around the world of the Freedom City and Emerald City settings for the Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Your heroes can explore the sites ...... More
Released 11 April 2017
The Expanse Roleplaying Game (T.O.S.)
The Expanse RPG Core Rulebook
Sci-fi Roleplaying at Humanity's Edge The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop. Using the Adventure Game Engine (AGE) rules that power Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE, Blue Rose, and Modern AGE RPGs. The Expanse takes players t...... More
Released 18 June 2019

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