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1565, St Elmos Pay
Build armies to destroy your enemies and recreate 'The Greatest Siege in History.'
Relive the Greatest Siege in History! A vendetta spanning decades reaches its terrible and bloody crescendo! Suleiman the Magnificent's 30,000 strong armada descends on the 500 beleaguered Knights of St John and the defending people of Malta, with the express purpose of wiping them from existence,...... More
Released 20 October 2020
Veilwraith Absolution
Veilwraith Expansion
Adds a further 15 Vignettes in your campaign, with all new Threats and Boss Foes to vex you in your quest to restore life and light to the world. Comes with new Foes and Threats consisting of 138 new cards: 15 Vignettes, 69 Foes, and 54 Threats. Veilwraith is a fantasy card game with deck building...... More
Released 27 July 2021
1066 Tears to Many Mothers
Outwit Your Enemy and Recreate the Battle of Hastings
A promise has been made and broken, an evil omen is in the sky, a crown is at stake, and history is about to be made. It is April 1066 and Harold Godwinson, King of England, faces a deadly challenge from William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy. William believes that Harold has broken his solemn oa...... More
Released 27 November 2018

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