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Thirteenth Passenger: Lifeform
Lifeform Expansion
The 13th Passenger expansion for Lifeform is a totally optional modular, plug-in expansion for hardcore players who want even moar! There are four optional modules: Two new characters join the Crew team. New rules for asteroids add yet another terrifying threat to the already beleaguered ...... More
Released 13 August 2019
1066 Tears to Many Mothers
Outwit Your Enemy and Recreate the Battle of Hastings
A promise has been made and broken, an evil omen is in the sky, a crown is at stake, and history is about to be made. It is April 1066 and Harold Godwinson, King of England, faces a deadly challenge from William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy. William believes that Harold has broken his solemn oa...... More
Released 27 November 2018

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