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Skora (T.O.S.)
Skora is a fast-paced game of Fishing and Feuding.
Skora is a fast-paced game of fishing and feuding. Outmuscle rival clans to land the biggest catch, or tactically position your fishing boats to grab the most lucrative haul. On your turn, play creature cards and position boats in one of three ocean locations. Groups of matching sea creatures will ...... More
Released 17 December 2021
Sub Terra (T.O.S.)
RESTOCK: Escape a danger-filled cave and evade Horrors in a co-op challenge.
A 1-6 player cooperative game of terrifying cave escape. Players take the role of amateur cavers attempting to escape an unexplored network of subterranean tunnels, before the lights flicker out or the darker things beneath the Earth catch up to them... In Sub Terra players spend their turn explori...... More
Released 16 August 2022

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