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The Lady and the Tiger
Bluffing Deduction Puzzle Cardgames
The Lady and the Tiger is a microgame collection based on the classic short story. Curated by Peter C. Hayward with gorgeous art by Tania Walker, The Lady and the Tiger offers five amazing games, packed into just eighteen unique cards! The Lady and the Tiger is perfect for couples, families, ladies...... More
Released 02 October 2018
Village Pillage (T.O.S.)
Humorous Fast Paced Cunning Boardgame
It’s another beautiful day in the village! Your farmer is hard-working and defenseless, your wall is strong and true, your raider is a plucky underdog, and your merchant is hiring the finest folk that turnips can buy. Everything is perfect…except for those HORRIBLE OTHER VILLAGES! Ugh, you hate the...... More
Released 09 April 2019

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