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KTBG Burnt Island Game
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In the Hall of the Mountain King
Fantasy Territory Building Tile Placement Boardgame
After years of exile, we can finally return to our ancestral mountain home. As Trolls, it's our duty to uncover the statues of ancient leaders and restore our kingdom to its former glory! In In the Hall of the Mountain King you spend turns digging into the heart of the mountain or recruiting Trolls...... More
Released 17 February 2020
Wreck Raiders
Nautical Dice Drafting Strategy Boardgame
Plunge into the glittering sea to recover exotic treasures from a seafloor overflowing with pirate shipwrecks. Send your divers to the deep, but be careful; moving too close to other divers lets them get in on the haul too! Gather lost loot and beached baubles to assemble museum exhibits and constr...... More
Released 08 May 2019

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