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Cypher System Rulebook 2e
Cypher System RPG Core Book Second Edition
The Cypher System Rulebook The 448-page Cypher System Rulebook gives you all the character options, equipment, game rules, special coverage of key genres, creatures, NPCs, and cyphers you need for any game. Complete game rules Special rules and advice for nine specific genres, including fa...... More
Released 24 September 2019
Cypher System Character Portfolio Pack
Cypher System RPG Accessory
Customize your character! This six page Character Portoflio is made double-sided to contain all your information for your Cypher System character - no matter what genre you are playing. This little booklet will hold all your characters secrets and information neatly in one place. Requires the Cyph...... More
Released 30 September 2019
Stay Alive: Cypher System RPG
Cypher System RPG Setting and Supplement
A good scare makes for a great game. It’s the abandoned corridor, the flickering light never quite reaching the deeper shadows. It’s that cry in the distance—a child’s wail, or some weird animal bleating? It’s the gentle breath on the neck, or that slithering motion just past the edge of the light....... More
Released 17 February 2020
Unmasked: Cypher System RPG
Cypher System RPG Campaign Setting
Top Gun is in theaters. “Papa Don’t Preach” is on the radio. Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and Iran-Contra is in the news. The Soviets are in Afghanistan, and the Doomsday Clock is at 3 minutes until midnight. But there’s something else going on—something even bigger. At school, at the mall, down by...... More
Released 03 January 2018
The Stars Are Fire: Cypher System RPG (T.O.S.)
Cypher System RPG Setting and Supplement
Galaxy-spanning space opera. Near-future hard sci-fi. And everything in between. A starship of unknown provenance, adrift and powerless, falls into a nearby orbit. An alien disease causes people to slowly lose interest in life—then take root like a plant. An envoy from another dimension brings warn...... More
Released 09 December 2019
Arcana of the Ancients (T.O.S.)
Dungeons and Dragons RPG Sourcebook
Arcana of the Ancients brings the wonders of mysterious technology and weird science-fantasy elements to your fantasy campaigns. Designed by fantasy masters Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds, this gorgeously illustrated sourcebook gives you everything you need to add a whole new ele...... More
Released 08 June 2020
Invisible Sun RPG: Teratology (T.O.S.)
Invisible Sun RPG Sourcebook
It cost many lives—even many souls—to bring you this book. When asked how many beings live in the Actuality, the famed trailblazer Taramoc Eslin answered with characteristic aplomb: “All of them.” No book could possibly catalog every creature everywhere, but her masterwork is the most comprehensive...... More
Released 08 May 2019
Invisible Sun RPG: Book M (T.O.S.)
Invisible Sun RPG Sourcebook
Even its name is a secret Some say it comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation—M is the 13th and most powerful. Others say the title refers to the original writer of the book, while still others believe it stands for mystery, o...... More
Released 08 May 2019
Invisible Sun RPG: The Key
Invisible Sun RPG Sourcebook
Even as you read this, you’re doing so in Shadow. You believe it to be the real world, and the sights and sounds you see are normal. You believe the events around you have meaning and significance. But a part of you, deep down, knows they do not. A part knows the real world is far bigger, far more m...... More
Released 18 November 2019
Invisible Sun RPG: Secrets of Silent Streets (T.O.S.)
Invisible Sun RPG Sourcebook
An in-depth tour of Satyrine, the surreal city at the heart of the Invisible Sun setting. The City of Notions. The Heart of Indigo. The Center of the Real World. Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isn’t one city but many. Even a vislae can’t know the entirety of it, no matter how many live...... More
Released 05 February 2019
Invisible Sun RPG: Enchiridion of the Path
Invisible Sun RPG Supplement
A journey across realms like no other. A guidebook for that journey—like no other. Wise vislae, have you studied the realms beneath the suns? Have you planned your route along the Path, researched the wonders and dangers you will find, and prepared your parlays with the wardens? Or is your knowledg...... More
Released 02 December 2019
Priests of the Aeons: Numenera RPG
Numenera RPG Sourcebook
Priests of the Aeons Calaval’s Parable of the Imager and the Spider teaches this lesson: We can no more comprehend the remnants of the prior worlds than a spider can comprehend the cathedral in which it happens to build its web. Just as our works are beyond the understanding—or even the complete pe...... More
Released 09 April 2019
Numenera Character Sheets (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Character Sheets
A character sheet is a character sheet–right? Not if it’s the Numenera character sheet! The Numenera character sheet is as intriguing and beautiful as the game itself. This pad of double-sided character sheets is printed in full color on heavy matte paper that’s both pencil- and eraser-friendly. ...... More
Released 08 July 2014
Numenera: Character Options 2 (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Character Builder
In the tradition of the original Numenera Character Options, this book expands your choices to build a truly creative character. New location-based and racial descriptors, exciting new foci, new organizations, and two new types—the first added to the game since the Numenera corebook—give you more fu...... More
Released 04 October 2016
Numenera Core Book (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Core Rulebook
Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set in the far distant future. Humanity lives amid the remnants of eight great civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. These are the people of the Ninth World. This new world is filled with remnants of all the former worlds: bits of nanotechn...... More
Released 20 August 2013
Slaves of the Machine God: Numenera RPG (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Adventure
Assassinations. Demon-worshiping abhumans. A massive army poised to sweep across the Steadfast. 144 pages of Ninth World adventure! A failed assassination by the Amber Pope. An ancient army awaiting activation. Sixteen adventures in two exciting campaigns to interweave, run separately, or use as ...... More
Released 19 February 2019
Numenera RPG: Explorers Keys, (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Ten Instant Adventures
A trip to the moon—and the very, very ancient past. A stolen twin. The approach of a starwing seraph that spells doom for an entire city. An enormous underground ruin where humans and abhumans vie with one another, intelligent fungi—and a deadly predator. Ten complete adventures to challenge and int...... More
Released 13 August 2019
Numenera Ninth World Guide Book (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Supplement
The Ninth World Guidebook takes your Numenera campaign into uncharted territory, literally expanding the setting beyond the borders of the corebook’s maps. This 256-page tome—more than half again the size of previous Numenera hardcover supplements— explores lands hinted at in previous books, ope...... More
Released 10 February 2015
Numenera Character Options (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Character Creation Supplement
Every player wants to play exactly the character they envision. And Numenera Character Options is here to help make that possible! This book is brimming with new material and new choices to help make Numenera character creation even more fun, more interesting, and more weird. Numenera Character O...... More
Released 03 June 2014
Ninth World Bestiary 3: Numenera RPG (T.O.S.)
Numenera RPG Bestiary
150 new creatures and characters as dangerous as they are imaginative. For a billion years this Earth has teemed with life. Nature has crafted innumerable species—and thousands more have been shaped by the prior worlds. There is no end, it seems, to the variety of life to be encountered in the Nint...... More
Released 21 May 2019

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