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Bataille Empire
Wargaming Rules Evolution and Empire
Bataille Empire is a set of game rules for miniatures that covers the period of the Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire, between 1792 and 1815. The game scale is at battalion or regimental level. You can play with any scale of miniatures from 6 mm to 28 mm. The rules are compatible with all basing ...... More
Released 13 November 2019
L Art De La Guerre. V.4 (T.O.S.)
Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rulebook
L’Art de la Guerre allows you to play battles between all of the armies from early antiquity to the late Middle Ages quickly and easily. You can play with miniatures of any scale from 6 mm to 28 mm. The basing system is compatible with the majority of existing rulesets. This fully revised new edi...... More
Released 11 May 2021

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