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A Battle through History: An Adventure with Sabaton (T.O.S.)
Time-travelers gather an army made up of troops from different ages
In A Battle through History, you become a Sabaton - a time-travelling storyteller jumping through history so you can relive epic (and often unlikely!) battles alongside legendary troops and heroes. Your success will depend on the skills of the warriors you recruit during your travels, but even mo...... More
Released 20 January 2022
Adventure Island
Co-operative Adventure and Exploration Storytelling Board Game
It could have been so great! A nice, comfortable journey on a luxurious ship... Unfortunately, your ship got hit by a storm on the way to India and sank. With your last bit of strength and a huge amount of luck, you made it to the banks of a desert island. Through a miracle, you are not hurt, but...... More
Released 11 February 2019
Axio Rota (T.O.S.)
Smaller and Updated Version of Axio Abstract Game
Axio Rota, the new installment in the Axio line, keeps the symbols and clever scoring of the original abstract board game Axio, but forces players to adapt as it implements a new tile format. In Axio Rota all tiles are square with a symbol in each corner, respectively some tiles have one empty co...... More
Released 22 November 2019
Beer and Bread
Two Player Medieval Farming Management Game
In Beer & Bread, two people compete against each other in a friendly rivalry. As the heads of a small village, they compete over six years to produce the most delicious beer and bake the best bread. Players share the fields and resources, but their own actions determine victory and defeat. Only thos...... More
Released 11 November 2022
Brains Treasure Map (T.O.S.)
Second Installment of the Brains Solo Puzzle Games Series
50 sneaky puzzles tempt you to go hunting for treasure. Find all the right parts and complete all the treasure maps! Contents. 25 puzzle Sheets (double sided) 8 Treasure Map Tiles 1 Instruction Booklet 1 First Hints and Solutions booklet. ...... More
Released 16 November 2016
Brains: Japanischer Garten (T.O.S.)
Reiner Knizia Family Logic Puzzle Games of Garden Layout
It is not as easy as it seems to lay out the perfect Japanese Garden with only a handful of tiles – and it is even harder if you have to do it by following strict instructions. Use your Brains and you will manage to find the perfect garden tiles to finish all the tasks laid out before you. 5...... More
Released 09 June 2015
Brains Family: Castles and Dragons
Brains Goes Multiplayer
Brains, the successful solitaire puzzle game, goes multiplayer: In Brains Family – Castles & Dragons players compete to fight dragons and find mythical castles before their opponents do. Each round one adventure card is revealed, indicating the position of the castles and dragons as well as the ...... More
Released 04 January 2019
Brains: Zaubertrank (T.O.S.)
Mixing Potions - Fourth Installment of the Brains Solo Puzzle Games Series.
More new tricky solo logic puzzles! This time making Magic Potions. Brains: Magic Potion challenges players to find the only correct solution for a magic potion recipe. In order to brew more and more difficult potions, the players have to find out which tiles have to be used for the puzzle and...... More
Released 07 September 2017
Caldera Park
Tile Placement and Set Collecting Game of Wildlife Parks
Caldera Park is an interactive puzzle-game that achieves a perfect balance between strategic planning and luck. Welcome to the North American wilderness! Breath-taking mountain vistas and spectacular geysers await you here. Vast forests and wide prairie offer home and safety to countless species ...... More
Released 11 November 2022
Castle Rampage (T.O.S.)
Quick and Entertaining Tower Defense Card Game
Your enemy’s castle has always been a thorn in your side, fueling the feud between you for a long time. It is time to settle your differences once and for all, and destroy his fortress in an all-out Castle Rampage! However, your opponent seemed to have had the same idea. So now, you will have to def...... More
Released 26 November 2018
Gather important Trading Resources and complete your Tribes Goals
The Celtic Lord of the Wetterau is looking for am successor. To prove themselves worthy, players have to travel the region and trade with neighboring tribes. Each turn they have to perform one movement with their family members – other players at their starting location can decide to join them. ...... More
Released 29 July 2020
Crown of Emara
Classic Euro Style Medieval Economic Boardgame
Good times in the tiny kingdom of Emara: During the reign of King Thedorius the Wise, wars, uprisings, and other inconveniences became a thing of the past. Thedorius always cared more for the well-being of his subjects than for power or riches. Therefore, only the nobleman who is able to care for Em...... More
Released 08 November 2018
Killing Woodstock: Deadly Dinner
Ten Suspects, One Dinner and and an Exceptional Mystery Adventure of Murder Amongst Hippes!
Deadly Dinner - Killing Woodstock is set in San Francisco, 1970: Ten people have one goal: Reviving the legendary Woodstock Festival. A tranquil San Francisco commune, an up-and-coming rock band, and a tough motorcycle gang are united by their love of music, peace, and mind-expanding drugs. However,...... More
Released 07 October 2022
Design Town (T.O.S.)
City Building Card Game
Build your own town in Design Town! In this deck-building game, you have no hand at all; instead, you play cards directly from the top of your deck. Winning the game requires delicate strategies...and some luck as well!! A turn consists of two phases: card playing and building. • Players play ...... More
Released 14 July 2017
Dragon Master (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Two Player Reiner Knizia Game
A group of dragons is only as strong as their weakest member – that’s the first thing a Dragon Master learns. This tactical duel game is played on an imaginary 4x4 grid, one player will score the vertical lines, the other player the horizontal lines of the grid. To start, both players are de...... More
Released 22 June 2018
Evidence (T.O.S.)
Mystery Deduction Card Game
n Evidence, as ambitious journalists, you go in search of evidence to prove the existence of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. You've been searching for a long time and now you're pretty sure that mysterious creatures from lore really exist! However, in order to convince the editor-in-chief an...... More
Released 22 November 2019
Farben (T.O.S.)
Colour Based Memory and Story Telling Card Game
Love In the vivid storytelling game Farben, every color tells a story. Associate a color with a word, then tell a story of why you connect those two. If the word were "school", for example, you might hear the following: Player 1 plays purple: "I dyed my hair purple, purchased leat...... More
Released 26 November 2018
Fire and Stone
Stone Age Exploration, Worker Placement and Building Game
In Fire & Stone, players lead their tribe through the Stone Age. They scout new lands, harvest nuts and mushrooms, and finally build villages. The aim of the game is to have the most successful tribe by exploring new lands, building huts, and gathering resources. With the invention of new tools and ...... More
Released 20 January 2022
First Rat
Rats collect items for building a rocket to the cheese moon.
For generations, the rats in the old junkyard have been telling each other the great legend about a moon made of cheese. And now they have made up their mind: they will build a rocket and take over the Cheese Moon! Of course, all the rats work together to achieve this magnificent goal. However, each...... More
Released 05 May 2022
Framework (T.O.S.)
Choose a tile, place it in your area, and complete the tasks.
Framework consists of 120 tiles, with each player starting with 22 tokens. On a turn, the lead player draws and reveals one more tile than the number of players. Each player in turn selects a tile, with the lead player being forced to take the final tile. When you take a tile, place it adjacent t...... More
Released 28 July 2022

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