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Castle Falkenstein RPG
Castle Falkenstein RPG Corebook
It's a novel. It's a game. It's both. It's Castle Falkenstein, an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own: a place where Dragons and Steampower rule the skies, Faerie Lords duel atop the battlements, and where the forces of Wizardry and Magick meet the gaslight stree...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Night City: Cyberpunk RPG
Cyberpunk 2020 RPG Sourcebook
You can hear them moving up fast; faster than your meat legs can carry you. There's a snick as they pop the rippers and move in for the kill; you flatten against the alley wall, and brace your Minami against the slick, slimy stone. It's now or never, you think, slamming back the bolt and offering up...... More
Released 14 May 2019
Teenagers From Outer Space RPG
Teenagers From Outer Space RPG Core Rulebook
EEK! EEK! YATTA! YATTA! EEK! EEK! Tommy Tanaka dove under his desk as the Disco Dwarves from Dimension X teleported with a "pop" into the Homeroom. Zap rays sizzled overhead, vaporizing his English is Fun textbook and scorching one of the slower freshmen nearby. There was a sound like tearing rubbe...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Lords and Lands GM Screen: The Witcher RPG (T.O.S.)
The Witcher RPG Accessory
Lords and Lands is the perfect expansion for the Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game to help Gamemasters and players bring the Dark and Dangerous world of the Witcher to life! Lords and Lands includes: A four panel Shield packed with the tables and information Gamemasters need to run the game. ...... More
Released 24 September 2019
A Witchers Journal: The Witcher RPG
The Witcher RPG Supplement
Take a glimpse into the Golden Age of Witchers, when monsters roamed the world and you could hardly travel into the next town without running into a cyclops or a foglet! Through the journal of the founder of the Griffin School of Witchers, Erland of Larvik, you'll encounter many new monsters; some o...... More
Released 18 August 2020
The Witcher RPG (T.O.S.)
The Witcher RPG Core Rulebook
The World Doesn't Need a Hero. It Needs A Professional! In the midst of the 3rd Nilfgaardian War Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, scours the Continent for traces of his lost love! But this is not the only tale. A million other stories play out across the vast continent and you are right in the m...... More
Released 06 February 2020

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