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K2 (T.O.S.)
Mountain Climbing Hand management Board Game.
K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth as well as the second deadliest. Its known as the Savage Mountain, as it kills one person for every four who have reached the summit And K2 has never been climbed in winter. Now your team stands in its shadow, ready to climb for fame and glory. You kno...... More
Released 16 May 2017
Ticket To Ride Poland: Map Collection 6.5
Ticket To Ride Boardgame Map Expansion
From the sea to the Tatra Mountains, like long and wide Poland, there are beautiful areas that are just waiting to be discovered. Do you want to observe the bison in the shadow of the Bia?owie?a Forest? Or maybe you prefer to stroll around the charming streets of Wroclaw? Get on the train: Poland wi...... More
Released 02 December 2019

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