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Terrible Beauty: SotDL
Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG Sourcebook
Heed the Call of the Faerie Queen! All across Urth stand doorways to hidden places. These are the realms of the faerie, entire worlds of magic and wonder, fear and horror. No friends to mortals, the faeries abandoned Urth long ago, leaving their homelands to humankind to do with as it wished. Now, ...... More
Released 07 March 2017
Shadow of the Demon Lord Supplement
After the Cataclysm sundered our world, reducing cities to ruins and bringing nations to their knees, a new threat unfurled its wings to cast a shadow upon our reality. In this spreading gloom caper demons, warped creatures, and horrifying monsters, all of which tear down what’s left of the world in...... More
Released 19 December 2017

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