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Open Combat (T.O.S.)
Generic Fast Play Miniatures Skirmish Rules
You can guide the ragtag remains of a Roman expeditionary force through barbarian territory, become a Saxon lord with his retinue as they face off against a local rival, or chart the story of a group of adventurers fighting for fortune and glory in a goblin-infested wilderness. It could be anything ...... More
Released 07 April 2016
Open Combat: Sword Masters Supplement
Extra skills, Abilities, Weapons, Scenarios and rules to Expand your Games of Open Combat
The full colour A4 supplement for Open Combat includes: New skills and abilities specifically for sword fighter models to capture the sense of drama and/or flamboyance often associated with them Extra skills for general use New items of equipment New terrain rules including: sw...... More
Released 21 June 2017

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