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Chain of Command: Blitzkrieg 1940
WWII Skirmish Rules Campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940
This 124 page handbook provides a comprehensive coverage of the campaign in France and the Low Countries in 1940. Included is an historical account of the campaign in the West, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events of that summer. New theatre specific rules include Assault boa...... More
Released 26 September 2018
Chain of Command
WWII Skirmish Rules
Chain of Command are the revolutionary new wargames rules designed for platoon sized actions with some additional support. The rules are fast paced, exciting and fun, using the unique command and control system which presents the player with the battlefield decisions made by his historical counterpa...... More
Released 06 September 2013
The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum
Dux Britanniarum Wargame Rules Expansion Supplement
The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum is an expansion to the main rules which introduces three new factions to the game; the Irish, the Scotti and the Picts as well as rule variations for the British Kingdoms of the North, the Gwyr Y Gogledd. This supplement includes a 44 page book which features rul...... More
Released 02 May 2014
Dux Britanniarum
Wargame Rules for Dark Age Warfare in the Age of Arthur
Dux Britanniarum is a set of rules for wargaming and campaigning in the Age of Arthur. Covering the period 450AD to 600AD the rule book combine all you need to fight tabletop games and to run a virtually paper-free campaign. The rules are designed to be played with relatively small forces. A Saxon...... More
Released 11 September 2012
I Aint Been Shot Mum
Rules for Company Sized Actions in WWII
I Ain't Been Shot Mum is designed for company sized games in WWII, where each figures represents one man, each model tank one real AFV. The game is designed to put the emphasis on command and control on the battlefield, with the players commanding a company a side plus a range of support platoons. ...... More
Released 10 November 2011
What a Tanker (T.O.S.)
Challenging and Fun Wargame Rules of WWII Tank Combat
What a Tanker! is a fun and fast game of WWII tank combat which focusses on the players taking command of one (or more) tanks and fighting their way through the battlefields of WWII. Quick to learn but eternally challenging, What a Tanker! challenges you to take the role of a tank commander and to ...... More
Released 25 April 2018

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