A Feast for Odin
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A Feast for Odin
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A Feast for Odin
Uwe Rosenberg Viking Themed Resource Conversion Worker Placement Saga Boardgame
“A Feast for Odin” is a saga in the form of a board game. You are reliving the cultural achievements, mercantile expeditions, and pillages of those tribes we know as “Vikings” today—a term that was used quite differently towards the end of the first millennium. When the northerners went out for a...... More
Released 16 May 2017
The Norwegians: A Feast for Odin (T.O.S.)
A Feast for Odin Expansion
Discover and tame new lands, forge new items, and face new challenges when you return to the Viking way of life. Continue the epic saga started in A Feast for Odin with The Norwegians expansion. Broaden Your Horizons Immerse yourself deeper in the epic saga of A Feast for Odin with The Norwegians ...... More
Released 19 February 2019

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