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Aeons End
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Buried Secrets: Aeons End (T.O.S.)
Aeons End Expansion
Promos from the Aeon's End Legacy campaign, that were not labeled "Kickstarter Exclusive" went into the Buried Secrets expansion. This Expansion provides content for existing Aeon's End games but is NOT to be used in the Aeon's End Legacy campaign....... More
Released 19 March 2019
Aeons End
Second Edition of Fantasy Cooperative Deck Building Board Game
The second edition of Aeon's End features a new graphic design that is also being used for expansions (including the standalone expansion War Eternal). In Aeon's End, the survivors of a long-ago invasion by The Nameless have taken refuge in the forgotten underground city of Gravehold. There, the ...... More
Released 03 October 2017
The Ancients: Aeons End
Aeons End Expansion
There are two sides to every war. A child prodigy becomes the youngest to ever risk her life for New Gravehold. The daughter of Xaxos returns from the Void warped beyond humanity.. And in the shadows, a new danger lurks Ė one that cannt be stoppped with pure force alone. The Ancients is an expansio...... More
Released 11 November 2019
Aeons End: Accessory Pack
Aeons End Accessory
Aeonís End Accessory Pack enhances your game with player cards, player dividers, charge tokens, power tokens, translucent nemesis tokens, and translucent d10s. The pack makes Aeonís End a visual treat to set up and play. The Accessory pack includes: 124 Player cards 24 Player Dividers - D...... More
Released 16 April 2019
Aeons End: The Outer Dark
Aeons End Expansion
Aeon's End: The Outer Dark is an expansion for the standalone Aeon's End titles that features two new nemeses and two new breach mages, as well as player cards and nemesis cards. 1 to 4 Players 60 Min Playing Time Age: 14+ ...... More
Released 27 March 2018
Aeons End: The New Age
Aeons End Standalone Expansion
Aeonís End: New Age introduces the Expedition system which allows players to replay all of the content they own in a short campaign format. After each game, players will receive new treasures and player cards that allow them to become more powerful. However, the nemeses that players will face grow s...... More
Released 24 September 2019

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