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Among Thieves
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Among Thieves (T.O.S.)
Small Fast Paced Card Game from New Bulgarian Designer
Among Thieves is a fast-paced card game of thievery, cunning and dishonourable deeds, designed for 3-5 players and appropriate for practically all ages. It is along the lines of such games as Love Letter and Coup. You take the role of a thief, trying to outsmart the others and amass a greater for...... More
Released 15 June 2018
Among Thieves
A Game of Deception and Greed
Among Thieves is a game of deception and greed. You will work together to extort information from higher level employees of the largest corporations in the world. However, no one can be trusted. Win by having the most money, but be careful the player with the least honor is eliminated. Each rou...... More
Released 02 July 2019

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