Castle Falkenstein RPG
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Castle Falkenstein RPG
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Castle Falkenstein RPG
Castle Falkenstein RPG Corebook
It's a novel. It's a game. It's both. It's Castle Falkenstein, an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own: a place where Dragons and Steampower rule the skies, Faerie Lords duel atop the battlements, and where the forces of Wizardry and Magick meet the gaslight stree...... More
Released 06 November 2018
Castle Falkenstein RPG: Steam Age
Castle Falkenstein RPG Journal
AN AGE OF STEAM! Steam! The mighty force that drives the gears for the Falkenstein World; a force so powerful the Age was named after it! Now at long last, the secrets of Steam are revealed to one and all in this stunning reprint of Popular Invention, the official Journal of Steam Age Technology ...... More
Released 09 July 2019

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