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Celestia (T.O.S.)
Push your Luck Treasure Collecting Card Game
In Celestia, a revamped version of Cloud 9, you board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures. Your journey will not be safe, but you will attempt to be the richest adventurer by collecting the most precious tr...... More
Released 12 November 2015
Celestia: A Little Initiative Expansion
Celestia Expansion
A captain never abandons his ship, but he does sometimes require a helping hand... Celestia:A Little Help allows passengers to give the captain a hand, but bluffing and dirty tricks will still show their hand as well! 2 to 6 Players 30 Min Playing Time Age: 8+ ...... More
Released 12 February 2019

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