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Coriolis RPG
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Scenario Compendium 1: Coriolis RPG
Coriolis RPG Adventures
The Third Horizon is filled with strange worlds and wondrous stories, and this scenario compendium lets the PCs become part of those tales. Within its 48 pages are three short adventures and a scenario location, each one inviting the players to visit a far-flung place, from the forest moon Arzachel ...... More
Released 10 September 2019
Coriolis Icon Card Deck Coriolis RPG
Coriolis RPG Accessory
This Icon Card Deck lets you summon the mysterious Icons directly in your game of Coriolis - The Third Horizon. With this deck, you can foretell the future, create scenario seeds, determine combat initiative, emulate dice rolls, manage your ship crew positions, and more. The deck includes 36 Icon ...... More
Released 13 June 2017

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