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Folio Series: Golan (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Arab-Israeli War Wargame.
At the start of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the Israelis could only spare two brigades to defend the strategic Golan Heights. On 6 October the Syrians attacked with five divisions, three of them mechanized, supported by mortars, artillery, mobile SAMs, and a heliborne commando brigade. The Israelis w...... More
Released 30 November 2010
Folio Series: Breitenfeld (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Pike and Shotte Wargame
Enter the Lion of the North Breitenfeld was the first major clash involving the Swedish army of Gustavus Adolphus. Gustavus had adopted the advances of Maurice of Nassau, using smaller, thinner formations bringing mobility and flexibility to battlefields dominated by massive blocks of musket-ring...... More
Released 04 June 2013
Folio Series: Pavia (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation Pike and Shotte Wargame
Climax of the Italian Wars Pavia was the climactic clash of the Italian Wars, a decades-long struggle between Valois France and Habsburg Spain for control of Italy. Both sides have nascent pike-and-shot armies, the French still relying upon feudal knights, and the Spanish increasingly dependent o...... More
Released 04 June 2013
WW2: Iwo: Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation WWII Solitaire War Game
Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins Iwo Jima was a critical point on the flight path of US bombers from their Saipan bases to their Japanese targets. The island would be a refuge for malfunctioning or damaged bombers coming or going. An obvious target for a US amphibious assault, the Japanese had reinfo...... More
Released 10 December 2013
Gaza 1917 Gateway to Jerusalem: Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Simulation WWI Wargame
By early 1917 British Empire forces had pushed the Ottoman Turks out of the Sinai to a line near Gaza. If the British could break that line, it would open the road to Jerusalem, and after that Damascus. A hastily prepared attack in March was repulsed. After a month spent bringing forward artillery a...... More
Released 21 April 2015
Shanghai Incident: 28 January - 2 March 1932 Folio Series (T.O.S.)
Folio Series Republic of China and the Empire of Japan Conflict Simulation Wargame
A faction of the Japanese military had been looking for an excuse to extend Japanese control deeper into the Chinese mainland. When several Chinese monks were beaten, this faction paid thugs to fan anti-Japanese activities in the Chinese sector of Shanghai. Seizing the “opportunity,” a small force ...... More
Released 14 June 2016
El Alamein: Rommel at Alam El Halfa (T.O.S.)
Folio Series WWII Wargame
In August 1942, Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox,” had just completed his masterpiece of the desert war, breaking the British Eighth Army at Gazala, capturing Tobruk, and driving deep into Egypt. The British reformed near El Alamein, just 90 miles from Alexandria. After the repulse of a hasty attack in...... More
Released 15 March 2016
Zama: Hannibal vs Scipio (T.O.S.)
Battles of the Ancient World Folio Series
Zama is a simulation of the climactic battle of the Second Punic War: the decisive struggle between the Roman Republic and Carthage for control of the Western Mediterranean. The war began in 218 BC, with the Carthaginians led by Hannibal, one of history’s greatest commanders. The two nations clashed...... More
Released 27 June 2017

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