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Flip Map: Basic 2013 (T.O.S.)
RPG Accessory
A dungeon filled with insidious traps, a magnificent imperial throne room, the citadel of an immortal tyrant—the possibilities for adventure are endless with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Basic. Appropriate for use with any roleplaying game, this invaluable gaming accessory presents two subtle textures—sm...... More
Released 23 April 2013
GM Item Cards: Essentials
DnD Accessory
GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials is a 110-card set formed from the out-of-print GameMastery Item Pack One and the follow-up Hero’s Hoard and Relics of War booster sets combined together for the first time ever. Essentials is the "starter deck" for the Item Cards line, and it contains everything yo...... More
Released 09 July 2008
GameMastery Item Cards: Council of Thieves
RPG Accessory.
Tools of thievery and blasphemous weapons. Strange cursed coins and infernal texts of heretical lore. These diabolical treasures and more await discovery in the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. This set of 54 beautifully illustrated full-color item cards allows you to track your newest and most si...... More
Released 21 October 2009
Game Mastery Condition Cards (T.O.S.)
GameMastery Accessory
Never miss a modifier again! With Condition Cards, it’s easy for players and GMs to keep track of the Pathfinder RPG’s most common conditions. Did the bard fascinate your party? Is your wizard invisible? Is the fighter bleeding out? Simply hand out the appropriate condition cards to have all the ...... More
Released 22 February 2011
GameMastery Chase Cards Deck (T.O.S.)
RPG Accessory
Whether you're on the run or in hot pursuit, Chase Cards make hectic sprints about more than just movement speeds. This beautifully illustrated deck of 51 full-colour cards gives you a new way to run chases and races in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures. Each card presents an obstacle in o...... More
Released 27 September 2011
Map Pack: Jungle (T.O.S.)
RPG Accessory.
The Natives are Restless What ancient secrets lie hidden in the trackless vast of the jungle? In a realm where swarms of ravenous insects, stealthy predators, and man-eating plants are little more than the harrowing reality of everyday survival, opportunities for glory and wondrous discovery must...... More
Released 13 January 2010

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