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Great Battles of History
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Battles of The Warrior Queen: Caesar Conquest of Gaul Module (T.O.S.)
GBOH Module Queen Boudicca's Revolt against Rome
It is AD60, and Governor of Britannia C. Suetonius Paulinus stands ready to deal his final blow against a vicious insurgency in Rome’s new province. Inspired by Rome’s implacable opponents, the Druids, the remaining fanatical warriors of a two-year insurgency hold out on the island of Anglesey. Havi...... More
Released 06 March 2018
The Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe Expanded Edition (T.O.S.)
New Deluxe Edition of The Great Battles of Alexander Board Wargame
The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition, the updated, expanded, full-color-enhanced version of the best-selling, multi-award-winning game system that started the Great Battles of History series, includes new game counters, maps, packaging, battles, and scenarios that cover all the major battl...... More
Released 28 April 2015
Cataphract (2nd Printing) (T.O.S.)
Great Battles of History Volume VIII Justinian and The Early Byzantine Era
Cataphract is defined as a heavily armored cavalryman modelled either on the Sarmatians (cataphractarius) or the Persians (clibanarius). He was the ultimate mounted armored warrior of the ancient world, trained in both shock and missile combat. Cataphract portrays the development of the art of war ...... More
Released 20 January 2020

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