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Herbaceous: The Card Game
A Relaxing Flavourful Card Game for 1 to 4 Players of all Ages.
In Herbaceous, herb collectors compete to grow and store the most valuable medley of herbs. Everyone starts with four containers, each of which allows a different grouping action: Group herbs of same type Group different types Group pairs Group any three types (same or differen...... More
Released 04 April 2017
Herbaceous Sprouts
A Flavourful Dice Game
Everyone has a green thumb when playing Herbaceous Sprouts. Unwind while enjoying this beautiful and thoughtful game of collecting seeds, using tools, and growing sprouts. Donít relax too long though Ė or your friend might become the Head Gardener first! OBJECTIVE Become the Head Gardener by collec...... More
Released 19 March 2019

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