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Imperial Settlers
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Imperial Settlers
Card Drafting Game of Ancient Civilization Buiilding
Settlers from four major powers of the world have discovered new lands, with new resources and opportunities. Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Japanese all at once move there to expand the boundaries of their empires. They build new buildings to strengthen their economy, they found mines and fields...... More
Released 25 March 2015
Why Cant We Be Friends: Imperial Settlers Empire Pack Expansion
Imperial Settlers Boardgame Expansion
Imperial Settlers: Why Can't We Be Friends, the first Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers, includes new common cards for the central deck, new cards for each of the base game's four factions, and two new cards for use in the solo game with some factions. One new effect on the cards is "open produc...... More
Released 03 March 2015
3 is a magic number: Imperial Settlers
The second Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers Boardgame
Imperial Settlers: 3 Is a Magic Number, the second Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers. It introduces a new rule: SET. This new ability allows players to score and trigger new effects each time they build three cards in a particular color. With this rule, the drafting phase and the choice of the "rig...... More
Released 07 June 2016
Imperial Settlers: Roll and Write
Build Your New Empire Dice and Pencil in Hand
With the great empires warring with each other, some settlers decide to move out in search of more peaceful lands. They know that this time, they will have to work together to prosper in these new regions, or should at least try to... Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write is a new engine building game se...... More
Released 02 July 2019
Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North
A Standalone Civilisation Card Game in the Imperial Settlers Universe
Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a completely new, standalone card game in the established Imperial Settlers universe. This time designer Ignacy Trzewiczek would like to invite you to the far north, where three different factions live: Scotsman, Inuits, and Vikings. Take on the role of lea...... More
Released 13 August 2019
Amazons: Imperial Settlers (T.O.S.)
Imperial Settlers Expansion
Discover the new deckbuilding mechanism, which lets you change the contents of your faction deck during the game and focus on powerful combos! Amazons extensively use cards with the “building bonus”. Most of their faction cards are useful, and produces valuable resources only when built, while usua...... More
Released 13 November 2018
Japanese Islands: Empires of the North Imperial Settlers
Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North Expansion
During their voyages to the distant Islands, ships from the Northern Empires discovered new lands in the far East! Spread throughout many Islands, the Japanese Empire soon earned a reputation for its goodwill and expansive trade networks. Now, the civilizations have started to build diplomatic ties ...... More
Released 04 November 2019
Imperial Settlers: Aztecs (T.O.S.)
Imperial Settlers Expansion
Imperial Settlers: Aztecs bring new rules, a new resource, and a sixth faction to the world of Imperial Settlers! Player actions and blessing tokens bring religion to the world, while the Aztecs build temples and organize festivals and ceremonies to gain favors and be blessed! With this expansion...... More
Released 24 January 2017
Atlanteans: Imperial Settlers Expansions (T.O.S.)
Imperial Settlers Boardgame Expansion
Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans, an expansion that requires the base game to play, adds the option for playing Imperial Settlers with up to five players. The expansion includes a new faction board, the Atlanteans faction deck, technology tokens, and expansion cards for the original factions that compl...... More
Released 10 November 2015
Roman Banners: Empires of the North.
Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North Expansion
Over time, the empires of the north began to encounter strange clans seeking territory and wealth. They came from warmer climates: places of wine, bread and circuses. The burgundy wine was intoxicating, their bread fed enormous armies, and circuses kept their people happy. These new people called th...... More
Released 02 March 2020
Imperial Settlers: We Didnt Start the Fire (T.O.S.)
The Third Empire Pack for Imperial Settlers
Imperial Settlers: We Didn't Start The Fire is the third Empire Pack for the Imperial Settlers engine-building card game. Join your favorite factions, best your opponents, and expand your empire! The expansion includes fifty new cards, increasing replayability of the base game, as well as borders t...... More
Released 03 July 2018

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