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King of Tokyo
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King of Tokyo 2016 Edition
New 5th Anniversary Edition of King of Tokyo
On the 5th anniversary of the release of the best-seller by Richard Garfield, King of Tokyo gets a facelift with a new version, entirely redone by a group of artists* lead by Régis Torres, who previously illustrated the Halloween expansion pack and King of New York. In addition to these exclusive...... More
Released 26 July 2016
Halloween Power Up: King of Toyko
King of Tokyo Expansion 2017 Version
It’s Halloween and you’re invited to the party! Please dress up appropriately to welcome the two newcomers: the unnerving Pumpkin Jack and the terrifying Boogie Woogie! Both of them come with Evolution cards that have some tricks in store! Players: 2-6 Ages: 8+ Play Time: 30 min ...... More
Released 08 November 2018
King of Monster Island
Big Monsters fight together to take down the Boss from the Monster Island
It’s a fiery monster takeover! In this epic battle, work together as giant monsters in an effort to defeat a titan-like boss before it opens an interdimensional portal! Roll the dice to heal, damage, gain energy, and activate human support. Only one thing matters… defeat this terrifying monster, the...... More
Released 01 December 2022
Cybertooth Monster Pack: King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo Monster Pack
Cybertooth - a giant two-legged robot that can transform into a fearsome saber-toothed tiger - is about to hit the town! Infused with the power of the ancient berserkers, Cybertooth will settle for nothing less than the tiger’s share! Will you too succumb to the berserker fury? The Cybertooth Mon...... More
Released 29 September 2019
King Kong Monster: King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo Monster Pack
He is not happy! King Kong is ready to conquer the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower to find his love. Will you dare cross his path, or worse, capture his beloved? The King Kong Monster Pack adds new elements to the game: Tokyo Tower for King of Tokyo and the Empire State Building for King of...... More
Released 08 November 2018
Cthulhu Monster Pack: King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo and King of New York Expansion
The return of the Ancient One promises to spread chaos across Tokyo and New York, where scenes of madness are already multiplying. Even the other Monsters in these places could succumb to the insanity… Will you be crazy enough to respond to his Call? Welcome Cthulhu, the first in a line of Monste...... More
Released 04 April 2017
Power Up: King Of Tokyo Expansion
King Of Tokyo Expansion 2017 Version
The struggle to become the King of Tokyo just leveled up! The monsters are evolving and now benefit from new powers! Now each one has a deck of Evolution cards that they can gain and use during the game. What's more, a new challenger has arrived in the city who will surely show his expertise in the ...... More
Released 20 June 2017
Anubis Monster: King of Tokyo (T.O.S.)
King of Tokyo Monster Pack
He is coming for you! While rampaging through a history museum, you accidentally stepped on a sarcophagus, causing Anubis to appear, intent upon avenging the profaned mummy. Can you escape the wrath of the God of the Dead as he showers curses on the town? The Anubis Monster Pack is compatible wit...... More
Released 08 November 2018

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