Letters from Whitechapel
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Letters from Whitechapel
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Whitehall Mystery
Another Murder in the Shadow of Jack. A Standalone Game in the Letters from Whitechapel Series
Track a killer or become one in Whitehall Mystery! Whitehall Mystery is a refined game of deduction and bluffing set in 1888, in the London of Jack the Ripper. It is a game for two to four players, age fourteen and older. Scotland Yard is hot on the heel of another serial killer, right when J...... More
Released 14 September 2017
Letters From Whitechapel
Jack the Ripper Bluffing and Deduction Boardgame
Letters from Whitechapel is a thematically engrossing board game of deduction and bluffing in which one player takes the role of the infamous Jack the Ripper, while up to five other players are detectives working together to pursue him through Victorian London. After committing his horrible murders,...... More
Released 13 August 2013
Dear Boss: Letters from Whitechapel
Letters from Whitechapel Expansion
Dear Boss, I keep on hearing the police have caught me but they won’t fix me just yet. I have laughed when they look so clever and talk about being on the right track… There’s a monster abroad in the streets of Whitechapel district, moving quietly and unnoticed through the smog and mire of industry...... More
Released 30 March 2017

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