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Memoir 44
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Memoir 44 Mediterranean Theatre
Memoir 44 Expansion British Army
On the day war broke out, few nations imagined they would soon be forced to conduct land warfare outside of Europe. As a result, when the war reached North Africa, both men and machines were ill-prepared for the harsh demands of a desert campaign. But history is a testament to the caliber of lead...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Breakthrough Kit for Memoir 44
RESTOCK: Memoir 44 Board Wargame Expansion
Go deep behind enemy lines at Sword Beach as you airdrop in to capture the bridges of the Orne... Join Guderian's famed Panzers as they battle the armored columns of the British Expeditionary Forces... Sign on for Operation Crusader to take on Rommel in the deserts of North Africa and liberate the g...... More
Released 04 May 2021
Memoir 44 Winter Wars (T.O.S.)
Memoir 44 Expansion
As would befit your ration pack if you were about to embark on one of the coldest and most bitter fights of the war, after 5 long years of weary battles, we have packed this expansion with every thing you could ever need to combat in a snow-covered environment. But judge for yourself, soldier! In...... More
Released 23 November 2010
Memoir 44 Equipment Pack (T.O.S.)
Memoir 44 Board Wargame Expansion
Welcome to the Memoir '44 Equipment Pack, the largest set of figures ever released for Memoir '44. On D-Day, the Allied forces unleashed over 150,000 men and thousands of tons of equipment along the coast of Normandy. 68 years later Days of Wonder has introduced this major expansion to the Memoir '4...... More
Released 02 October 2012
Through Jungle and Desert Vol. 2: Memoir 44 Expansion
Memoir 44 Battle Maps Expansion
The second installment in the second series of Memoir '44 Battle Maps offers two new decks of Combat cards along with 6 pre-printed standard scenarios and 2 pre-printed Overlord scenarios that put these cards to good use. Through the Jungle... Lead your men through the merciless jungle of Burma, t...... More
Released 15 May 2018
Memoir 44 New Flight Plan
Memoir 44 Expansion
"If we lose the war in the air, we lose the war, and we lose it quickly." Air supremacy was a permanent challenge during World War II. In the battle of France, the Luftwaffe’s powerful Stukas were a key component to the German blitzkrieg that led them to victory. Over the English Channel, the her...... More
Released 04 June 2019
Memoir 44
Board Wargame
Memoir '44 is a unique historical game where players command a horde of little plastic Army men facing-off in dozens of WWII battles on an oversize hex game board. Each battle scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Deploying forces through a variety ...... More
Released 26 June 2018
Memoir 44 Terrain Pack (T.O.S.)
Title says it really
From the sand dunes of North Africa to the mountain passes of Northern Italy; from the Pripet Marshes of Southern Belarus to the high ground surrounding Operation Market Garden... Prior to WWII, never before in history had a conflict been fought by so many men over such vast expanses of land and so ...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Eastern Front Pack (T.O.S.)
Expansion for battles of Axis and Soviet forces.
From the frozen shores of Lake Ladoga to the burning ruins of Stalingrad, relive some of the most intense battles of WWII,where entire Army groups disappeared faster than a single battalion on the beaches of Normandy. This expansion follows Expansion one, the Terrain Pack. While the Terrain Pack ...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Winter and Desert Board (T.O.S.)
Double sided Battlefield board
A new double-sided Battlefield board for Memoir'44. Featuring frozen expanses on one side, desert ones on the other. Also includes a simple set of Campaign rules to link scenarios together and Blitz rules for Early War conflict....... More
Released 29 October 2008
Memoir 44 Pacific Terrain Pack (T.O.S.)
Memoir 44 Expansion
From the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma to the desolate slopes of long-forgotten atolls, discover this latest exciting expansion for Memoir '44! The Pacific Theater expansion introduces new units (Chindits, Japanese Giretsu Special Forces, US Marines), new weapons (Mobile Artillery, Flame throwi...... More
Released 29 October 2008
Operation Overlord: Memoir 44 Expansion (T.O.S.)
Memoir '44 Expansion
Take your game to the next level with Operation Overlord and relive the battles of WWII on a grand scale. With up to 4 players per side, you will soon experience the highs and lows of being part of a military-style chain of command. Combined with an original copy of Memoir '44, this expansion inc...... More
Released 22 May 2018

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