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Near and Far
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Near and Far (T.O.S.)
Journey through an Amazing Adventure in this Storytelling Sequel to Above and Below.
Journey through a book of maps filled with amazing adventure in this storytelling sequel to Above and Below. Choose your path in connected quest lines Includes a gorgeous atlas of 11 maps to play on! Buy skills for your character over a ten-map campaign 2-4 players, 90 minutes Sear...... More
Released 04 July 2017
Amber Mines: Near and Far
Near and Far Boardgame Expansion
Golden Amber fills the deep mines, it's fiery, cold embers glowing in the ancient rocks. Scholars say that the Arzians valued it above gold or silver, and wore it as a sign of wealth. Perhaps the rare substance holds forgotten secrets about the long-dead empire and their lust for power? Near and Fa...... More
Released 07 August 2018

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