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Paperboys on Campaign
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The War of the Spanish Succession: Paper Soldiers
Marlborough's Campaigns in Flanders
In this series, renowned historical illustrator, Peter Dennis breathes life into the 19th Century paper soldier and invites the reader to re-fight the wars that surged across Europe as Louis XIV fought to establish French dominance over its neighbours. Refight the colour and spectacle of the Wars of...... More
Released 31 August 2018
THE Peninsular War. Paper Soldiers for Wellingtons War in Spain (T.O.S.)
Print your own Armies
The second title in The Paperboys on Campaign series, some 46 pages of artwork enabling you to make French, British, Portuguese, Spanish, and several other countriesí troops which fought for and against the Iron Duke in his epic campaign against Napoleonís forces. THE PENINSULAR WAR. PAPER SOLD...... More
Released 05 June 2019

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