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Power Grid: The Robots
Expansion for Power Grid Boardgame
This expansion includes components and rules for adding robot players to the game. Power Grid: The Robots is designed for two players, but you can use a robot with up to five human players. You can also include more than one robot in a game. This expansion can only be played with a copy of Pow...... More
Released 24 January 2012
Power grid: N. Europe: UK Expansion (T.O.S.)
Expansion Maps for Power Grid Board Game
The maps and cards of Northern Europe / United Kingdom & Ireland in this expansion can only be played with a copy of Power Grid. The rules of Power Grid remain the same, except for following modifications and special features of the two maps and cards contained in this expansion. This expansion ...... More
Released 20 November 2012
Fabled: Power Grid
Power Grid Expansion
Power Grid: Fabled Expansion offers completely new experiences for both the Power Grid and Power Grid deluxe base games through the new Fable Game system introduced in Fabled Fruit. With two presorted Fable Decks, the players are confronted with exciting challenges in different campaigns on the ...... More
Released 09 January 2018
Power Grid: Recharged
The Classic Friedemann Friese Boardgame Updated for it's 15th Anniversary
What better way to earn money than with electric power?!! But how should you do it? Will you use old-fashioned coal or oil? Maybe you’ll be on the forefront of burning garbage. Nuclear power is tempting, as long as you can acquire uranium. You can always be independent of resources if you go the eco...... More
Released 25 June 2019

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