Shadows Over Camelot
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Shadows Over Camelot
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Shadows Over Camelot (T.O.S.)
Mythological Cooperative Deduction Hand Management Boardgame
Shadows over Camelot™ is a unique collaborative game featuring a malevolent twist! As the incarnation of the Knights of the Round Table, you join forces against the game itself in an attempt to protect Camelot. Your victory hinges on the successful completion of legendary Quests, such as the sear...... More
Released 31 January 2017
Shadows Over Camelot: The Card Game (T.O.S.)
Fantasy Cooperative Memory Bluffing Card Game
Darkness has once again descended over Camelot; the Kingdom is no longer safe. Your illustrious father's weapons have barely been retired to the armoury and his revered coat of arms passed on to you when troubling rumours begin spreading anew... "Troops are on a war footing – Saxons? Picts?" "Th...... More
Released 30 October 2012

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