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Space 1889 RPG
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Space 1889 Core Rules RPG
Space 1889 RPG Core Rules 2nd Print Revised Edition
Everything Jules Verne could have written. Everything H. G. Wells should have written. Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published – because it was too fantastic. In the year 1870, American inventor Thomas Edison paved the way to the stars! “He reached Mars with the prototype...... More
Released 17 October 2017
Venus: Space 1889 (T.O.S.)
Space 1889 RPG Sourcebook
From before the beginnings of history, mankind had spun tales and wondered about that bright point of light named for the Roman goddess of love: Venus, the enigmatic, ever-shifting star of evening and of morning. Yet more recently, scholars speculated what might be hiding beneath the swirling clouds...... More
Released 22 May 2018
Space 1889: Ubiquity Dice Set (T.O.S.)
Space 1889 RPG Accessory
This set includes 9 eight-sided dice for use with any roleplaying game that uses the Ubiquityrules. There are three different colours and each colour features three times in the set. The bronze dice count as one die, while the silver dice count as two dice and the golden dice count as three ...... More
Released 22 May 2018
Space 1889: GM Screen (T.O.S.)
Space 1889 RPG Accessory
Four-panel Space: 1889 Gamemaster’s Screen made from solid cardboard provides you with an overview of all the important rules and tables that might be useful during a game while at the same protecting your game notes from the inquisitive glances of your players. Also included is a 32 page NPC-boo...... More
Released 08 December 2015

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