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Symbaroum Monster Codex (T.O.S.)
Symbaroum RPG Sourcebook
The ruin appeared as a mirage, when the Blight Mist finally dissolved during our breathless escape. The hunters slowed down behind us – neither the primal blight beast nor the chattering, clawing, corruption oozing swarmers wanted to leave the milky white depths of the fogbank. We did not stop. Sun...... More
Released 08 May 2019
Monsters and Traits: Symbaroum
Symbaroum RPG Accessory
Easier, faster, and more fun! The two decks in this box feature all 56 monstrous traits which characterize the predators, monsters and abominations in the world of Symbaroum. Adding to this are 63 creature cards, complete with stats and tactics, and divided into the categories Bright Davokar, Dark...... More
Released 08 May 2019
The Copper Crown: Symbaroum (T.O.S.)
Symbaroum RPG Scenarios
A nation on the run. A homeland ravaged and barren. To stay would mean certain death. Going back is only considered by the foolish and those who have vowed to die on their native soil. Under these circumstances the people must be considered blessed to have such an amazingly beautiful, abundantly ric...... More
Released 08 November 2016
Adventure Pack 2: Symbaroum RPG (T.O.S.)
Symbaroum RPG Adventures
Adventure Pack 2 includes two stand-alone adventures dealing with what happens when careless individuals dig too greedily and too deep into the black soil of Davokar’s past. The first adventure, The Fever of the Hunt, revolves around an excavation site somewhere in the woods where the explorers ar...... More
Released 06 June 2017
Karvosti: The Witch Hammer: Symbaroum RPG
Symbaroum RPG Sourcebook
Mist blanketed the plateau, chilling and damp, causing Selisa to shiver as she and a dozen other newly arrived treasure hunters stood before the Huldra. The witch's firm eyes glared at them from behind her mask, assessing them one by one. “What’s going on?” Galar whispered. “We haven’t done any–”...... More
Released 13 February 2018
Symbaroum RPG (T.O.S.)
Symbaroum RPG Core Rulebook
Symbaroum invites you to join in the adventure! Explore the vast Forest of Davokar in the hunt for treasures, lost wisdoms and fame. Visit the barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries. Establish a base of power among princes, guilds or rebellious refugees in the capital city of Yndaro...... More
Released 10 May 2016

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